The Power of the Subconscious Mind

The Power of the Subconscious Mind

Hello Precious Soul,

Have you ever thought, why can't I just stick to my diet? You start your week off well, you set your intentions but by Monday afternoon you have already given up and starting falling into this deep black hole of self sabotage, toxic self talk and even restricting after the fact.

The truth is, you feel like you do not deserve this. It is the truth, in most cases. I had a client reach out to me with constant acid reflux and every time she starts a new program this happens. I read the energy of her voice, a small laugh after speaking this truth. I messaged back and said you do not feel like you deserve these results, do you? She replied back and was shocked I had picked this up.

It is not a shock to me, and it is not something to be ashamed of if this is something you are experiencing right now because I and many others have been through this pain of wanting something so badly but our minds and our hearts feel like they are standing in the way of that happiness. 

When you think back, when was the first time someone has ever said to you that you. That you are not good enough? More than likely it came from childhood and somehow that has stuck within your subconscious mind. Let me break it down a little, the subconscious is the caption of the ship and our conscious is second in charge. The subconscious is what has been through everything with us since a child. It is that part of our brain that hears ' I hate my body' and takes that as a command so that whatever the conscious mind says and does there is that little voice that says no ways she can do it.... She says she hates her body, it is a command.

When you realize this, it changes everything. You can see why you have tried everything and somehow nothing has stuck. It was not the coach you thought who was not doing their job, or maybe the person prepping your meals, or even your partner when they asked why you are not able to do this for your health. You are wondering how you reprogram your subconscious, aren't you? This is where affirmations, tools, and different types of questions are brought into your awareness so that you are able to sift through where this is coming from and how you can start to reprogram your subconscious to say I LOVE MY BODY, and you will find everything lining up for you. 

I will be posting more on this blog about the different ways you are able to reprogram your mind, and truly have the most uplifting and empowering transformation journey of your life! 

Namaste Beautiful Soul! Sending love, light and blessings! Annie 

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