Through my own healing journey not only in the fitness journey, but in my personal life I have had the most incredible experience and healing journey through the process of Emotional Freedom Therapy. This is non-invasive, non-judgemental, and emotinally freeing if you are struggling with trapped, and suppressed emotions.

Emotional Freedom Therapy(EFT) is the non-invasive version of acupuncture. EFT is the process of tapping on the meridian systems within our bodies by tapping with our three fingers and releasing small electrical pulses into the body's energy system which releases energy blockages which are caused by suppressed emotions along with saying certain affirmations that I have written out specifically for that emotion that the client is experiencing or has experienced. This can be emotions suppressed from as young as early childhood right through to recent life events, trauma, PTSD, abuse, addictions, emotional detachment, death, ect. Feelings are thoughts that are meant to be expressed. Through expressing emotions we are able to feel seen, heard, and valued. Suppressed emotions can build up into physical illnesses and ailments, as well as depression, anxiety, and mental health struggles.

I am a certified Emotional Freedom Therapist, and I have opened up my business to help women express themselves, to get to the bottom of not being able to loose weight, or to help them free themselves of the pain and bondages from the past experiences. It is time for you to get your power back!

How do these Emotional Freedom Therapy sessions work?

  • It is done via Zoom, so you are able to talk to me exactly as a therapy session but even more convenient and comfortable being able to be where you feel most comfortable.
  • I teach you the tapping routines, different packages will have different tapping sheets provided (Tapping sheets are the papers which detail what affirmations are to be said whilst tapping)
  • Tapping Points are given, to show the client where to tap. After zoom sessions, the client receives the zoom recording so they are able to practice on their own.
  • Homework, mindfulness tasks, and weekly affirmations are created and given to the clients specifically to their emotions, feelings, and things we have discussed during our therapy sessions.
  • Set amount of sessions are done according to the package the client has taken.

How does the payment work?

  • If you would like to enquire the packages available, please email me on the email address sourceoflifetherapy@gmail.com
  • You are to either pay in full before the therapy sessions begin.
  • I have opened up an option for clients to pay 50% before therapy sessions begin, and 50% whilst or after the sessions have been completed but will be required to sign a letter of agreement.
  • If you cancel within 3 hours of the therapy session that has been arranged, that session will be forfeited. 
  • Fit Bunz Official clients will be offered a 10% discount on packages 1-4. This meaning you will have to be a current Fit Bunz Official client. Once you have stopped your online coaching, the prices will go back to the standard amounts.

How do I find out more information?

  • Please email me on sourceoflifetherapy@gmail.com to find our more information on prices and packages, or to clear anything up or to ask anything you need to! I would love to give you as much information to make this the best experience for you!
  • I offer a 30 minute Free Zoom Meet. I will send you documents to fill in for me before hand, and when we decide a time to have our zoom, I would have had time to gather some information on what I have read and found that might help you and how we can work together to help you on your healing journey.