The most important information is the information we are given, and that we put into action every single day because we know within our hearts that that information will change the way course of our lives and provide every single goal we have ever set! Every intention, every aspiration, we can achieve if we are able to match the mindset to the intention!

As a fitness and nutrition coach, as well as an emotional freedom coach I have found and seen over the years of coaching how important the relationship and connection between mind, body, and soul is. In realising all of this, I studied to become a Emotional Freedom Therapist, and focused even more on the EMOTIONAL and MENTAL aspects of why my clients were 'falling off the wagon' and what extra magic could I add into their programs to get them to their goals plus help them shift their mindset to achieve ANYTHING & EVERYTHING they have ever wanted!

The workshops were then created into existence and I have loved every single second of creating them with my online clients. They are done at the end of every month, with my clients, and then we do it over zoom and have time for questions/concerns/information and time to interact. I then re-record the workshop as a presentation to give you the best and professional experience whilst learning to expand your mind and shift everything into working FOR you!

The Workshops Available:

SMART GOALS WORKSHOP - Available On this Website

The Workshops Soon to be Released

Self Talk: How the way you speak to yourself & the Impact it has on your progress! I teach you how to reprogram your mind to work for you and not against you!

Self Talk 2.0 : How to rewire and shift your mind to achieve anything you want!