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The birth of this beautiful new creation of mine has been wanting to come out into the world, but now is the time. Time to level up not only with the physical side of Online Coaching, but Mentally and Emotionally. During this Exclusive 8 week Program we will be diving into so much, and it is going to be nothing but pure MAGIC for you to be able to see what is infinity possible for you!

Getting Started:

It is an online training program, which means everything is done online through WhatsApp, email, or Instagram.

Your training program is 100% personalized according to your following specifications:

- Height

- Weight

- Age

- Fitness levels

- Injuries

- Medical history and more

This means that each and every single plan is unique and specific to the client. 

We start this process by sending you a Medical and Nutritional Par-Q form which you fill out and send back to me. I will use the information provided from you to ensure that I make the best plan possible for you to reach your goals!

It will take about 24-48 hours for the client to receive their customized program. If your documents are sent back to me on a Friday, Program will only be done and sent by Monday before 12pm. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once paying for your program, you have to complete the program within the time given.

What do you get with this incredible program?

  • Weekly Check- Ins (Friday or Saturday) with excel spreadsheets 
  • Specialised Nutrition and Training Program changes every 2 weeks according to progress and accountability! 
  • Recommended Macro count, and calorie count to help give you some extra guidance! 
  • X2 Fit Bunz Official workshops 
  • These workshops will be held every 3 weeks! 
  • Workshops to raise positivity, motivation, and self- love as well as to eradicate negative and toxic Self sabotage cycles!
  • 3 PDF's on body and self love affirmations to push your self to understand how to fall back in-love with YOU! 
  • 3 Voice Note recordings and message to empower and uplift
  • x1 Emotional Freedom Therapy Coaching Session which is to release/clear/ any stagnant energy blocks within your body with using a simple and easy technique of tapping certain parts of the body whilst speaking certain affirmations. Done Via Zoom Meeting.
  • Whatsapp or email support to guide you to making this the best decision you have made knowing you have the support right when you need it! 
  • Journal Writing Pages and Client Worksheets to keep you motivated! 
  • Cardio Recommendations Table and Recommendations for training outside of the gym!
  • Training Plans can be either Home Workout Option or a Gym Workout Option 

Please note that the Workshops come with workbook where all the information is there for you to keep! Workshops will be held on zoom! Each workshop will be announced one week before happening every 3 weeks! A set time and date is given. The session will be recorded for you but it is important to come to those workshops.

Return policy

Once this product has been purchased there are no returns or exchanges as client would have read and agreed to what has been offered.