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Wouldn't it be incredible if you could learn how to handle your own emotions, to be able to deal with emotions that have lived inside the deepest parts of you from as early as a young child? This therapy, is incredible. It is so gentle, loving, compassionate but yet confronting as we learn to confront our deepest emotions, fears, and anxieties so that we may heal. We need to feel through our emotions, in order for us to heal, and for our bodies to be able to work as it should. When we keep things inside, it is toxic for us, for our minds, for our physical bodies. Now is the time to get your life back.

This is a free, 30 minute zoom session where I will first send you documents to fill out, and then we will meet. You and I will chat about things that are most bothering you, and then I will give you my advice as an Emotional Freedom Therapist on how to move forward and how I can help you take your power back. 

This is free of charge, once you have added it to your cart, and gone through the steps, I will be in contact with you so that we may meet up and find the best solution for you! I look forward to being apart of your healing journey.

How does the whole process work?

  • You add the free zoom session to your cart, you follow the instructions and I will be in contact with you via email with the documents.
  • Once you have filled in those documents, we will arrange a time to meet which will be a 30 minute slot. It is to be in a quiet area where we are able to focus and chat freely and openly.
  • During the zoom consultation I will be giving you ways forward that I think would help you and how this therapy would best suit you.
  • Once we have had the zoom consultation, I will send you the prices and the packages and you can decide on which would be the best for you! I can also give my recommendations according to our conversation.
  • Once decided on the packages, we will move forward to create time slots and dates for your therapy sessions.

I look forward to meeting with you, and for us to walk down the road to healing together! Please email me on for more information.


Return policy

Once this product has been purchased there are no returns or exchanges as client would have read and agreed to what has been offered.