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I am so excited to finally release the very first once off Training Program through my online coaching platform! This program is aimed to burn fat and calories, and tone and shape, as well as build muscle all in our lower bodies! Lower body weight gain is something that I have noticed is something sensitive to women all around, so creating this I hope to change the lives of many, or even help, even if its a small bit! Please check equipment needed before purchasing this program. 

What this program includes:

  • Once off payment 
  • 4 Week Lower Body Workout Program with 3 workouts every 2 weeks 
  • 6 Workouts which are Glute, Quad, and Hamstring Focused
  • Name of Exercise, Reps/sets, Weights used for the exercise
  • 33 Lower Body Exercises and Exercise Explanations
  • Stretching Exercises and Explanations
  • Workout Videos which are accessed through the FIT BUNZ WORKOUT INSTAGRAM PAGE. If you do not have instagram, we will help you and send it another way!
  • Cardio Table which includes different styles of cardio activity
  • Tips for Success from Coach Annie 
  • Weigh in Sheet and writing journal pages to keep progress and ensure this is an amazing experience!

This program is a once off payment, which means it does not include weekly weigh ins and check ins. By paying, and reading this you understand that this program as done at YOUR OWN RISK.

These are some things to take into account before purchasing the program

  • You are medically cleared to perform these exercises, to avoid injury
  • You have a proper space in order to perform these exercises, to avoid injuring yourself or others
  • Will this program benefit you, and fit into your goals?
  • Can I set aside the time necessary to finish this program to ensure I get the best results?
  • Is this program realistic and sustainable for my body and my goals?

The above questions, are just to make sure you are able and willing to properly do this program! I only want the best for you, and for you to get the results you want!

I am so excited for you to begin, please remember to tag me on instagram on @fit_bunz_official_ so I can see your workouts! I AM SO EXCITED TO SEE YOU BECOME THE BEST YOU THAT YOU CAN BE!


Return policy

Once this product has been purchased there are no returns or exchanges as client would have read and agreed to what has been offered.