Lets face it, everyone is looking for this magical pill or cheat code when it comes to weight loss and how it can happen. I am here to tell you that it is much more straightforward than you ever thought possible. It does not have to be complicated, boring, and restrictive. Yes, it can be fun, inspiring and challenging all at the same time. So here is the code that is 'not so secret' to achieving your fat loss goals:

1️⃣Calorie Deficit - You are going to want to ensure that you are in a calorie deficit. This meaning you are burning MORE than you consume. There are multiple calculators on the internet to help. However having a coach makes this process so much easier.
2️⃣Increase activity - This means adding more steps and movement into your everyday life. Whether it is walks or jogs, maybe more activity around the house or taking the stairs instead of the lift.
3️⃣Strength Train - This is something that you can focus on adding in every 3-4 times per week. Strength training is incredible for fat loss, and helping you achieve a strong and healthy body!
4️⃣Prioritize protein - You are going to want to ensure that you are consuming enough protein to ensure that you are rebuilding and recovering those muscles.
5️⃣Eat the rainbow & do not restrict carbs - I know, most people think the first thing they need to do is cut the carbs. NOPE not here, we embrace them and yes they are important for fat loss! This counts for fiber too, so important to ensure you are eating enough!
6️⃣Consume less refined sugars and limit amount of super oily fast foods - You are going to be wanting to stay in your calorie deficit. So high calorie foods tend to be super dense and then you end up using all of your calories.

Do you see that fat/weight loss is much more EASIER than you thought? Not once did I mention pills, teas, slimming shakes. Not once did I mention over doing exercise, or exercising without eating. THIS IS STRAIGHTFORWARD, and guess what? You can start today!!! 💯💯💯

If you are needing help and direction with your nutrition or fitness please leave your email below or visit for more information on my packages and how I work 1:1 with women all around the world helping them achieve their goals!!!
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