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Looking for a nutrition program that incorporates food you have in your everyday life? Or having a program that does not make you feel restricted, left out, or having to seriously sacrifice so much? I GOT YOU, this is why you were brought here right now!

It is an online training program, which means everything is done online through WhatsApp, email, or Instagram. 


  • Height and Weight -Please note that no matter what weight/size/shape you are SO WELCOME HERE. This is a safe space for women to truly excel and achieve their goals!
  • Age - This means that no matter what age, I am able to accommodate you and help you succeed!
  • Fitness levels (past & present) - This means that EVERYONE IS WELCOME. You can be a beginner, intermediate or advanced level and I will be able to guide and help you! If you have followed a program before or have not, I got you!
  • Injuries - This means that even with injuries or special requests I am able to provide you with a program that will help you achieve your goals!
  • Medical history & some background into your journey and what you would like to get out of this beautiful experience.

This means that each and every single plan is unique and specific to the client. No program is the same and is carefully and very special to you. Please know that you are in such good hands, this is going to be AMAZING!


  1. We start this process by sending you a Medical and Nutritional Par-Q form which you fill out and send back to me. I will use the information provided from you to ensure that I make the best plan possible for you to reach your goals!
  2. It will take about 1-3 Business Days for the client to receive their customized program. If your documents are sent back to me on a Friday, Program will only be done and sent by Monday before 12pm. When something is personalized, a great deal of time and effort is placed into providing you with the absolute best!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once paying for your program, you have to complete the program within the time given. If it is month to month a new payment is made every 4 WEEKS. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL PROGRAM BE PUT ON HOLD.


  • Weekly Check- Ins (Friday or Saturday) with excel spreadsheets and coach comment every weigh-in.
  • Nutrition Program changes every 2 weeks according to progress and accountability. Please ensure that you are checking in as it is a vital part of this process.
  • Recipe Book that is FILLED with so many different ways to incorporate foods of everyday life into your program which is here to help show you that there are so many more possibilities to food and health! 
  • Access to Fit Bunz Official Online Coaching Workshops. These workshops include how to change the way we see and speak to ourselves and how to start truly stepping into the woman you want to be. There is also worksheets that are here to show you how to REPROGRAM YOUR MIND, and ways to take back your power throughout this journey.
  • Workbooks for self development including body kindness, grounding, eating out, macro counting, etc.!
  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday I send morning motivation and encouragement messages to my clients to help guide them through this journey!
  • WhatsApp or email support to guide you to making this the best decision you have made knowing you have the support right when you need it! I am a coach that is available for support to my clients!
  • Stretching routines and videos, and important information when starting this training program with me.

PLEASE NOTE IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS YOU ARE SO WELCOME TO EMAIL ME ON and I look so forward to possibly working with you whilst you embark on this amazing journey!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for Personal Training? - You can email Annie on and she will be in contact with you regarding how to start and packages available.
Where is the Personal Training Sessions based? - In Somerset West, Cape Town