Your body requires a certain amount of calories to maintain your weight. So when you are in a calorie deficit, it means that you are going to be consuming less calories than your body requires to stay at the weight you are currently at. So if you eat fewer calories, your body will turn to the calories stored up and burn those for energy which results in weight loss.

This is a question I do get asked a lot, and it is one of the most important factors that you need to consider when you are wanting to loose weight/fat.

Every single persons calorie needs and deficit amount will be different and depend on many different factors such as:

✅ How frequently you exercise

✅ Weight

✅ Height

✅ Age

✅ Metabolism/Hormones It is super important to ensure that your calorie deficit is done in a way that is healthy, because going in too quickly to a steep calorie deficit can come with a list of issues such as excessive hunger, fatigue, weakness in muscles/body, and restless sleep.

So it really is important to understand that too little too soon can affect your body negatively. And this is the positive of having a coach that truly cares about you and your body because the calories will be monitored, tracked and you will adjust it as needed!!!😀👏✨

My clients are always so shocked when I give them their programs because they never knew they should be eating so much more than they have been AND THEN THEY LOOSE WEIGHT 😝💥🙊👏 A massive win win!!!! Let me know if this helped you out on this magical Monday morning ✨👏😍 For more information on my online coaching please visit  https://fitbunzofficial.com/collections/fit-bunz-plans  where I can help you reach your goals today!

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