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🔥Unlock your functional potential! 🔥Welcome to the ultimate Functional Fitness In-house gym where you can come and break free from your limitations & achieve your goals through Fit Bunz Official Functional Fitness Private Personal Training.


Say Hello, to our brand new & exclusive fully functional fitness gym where you are going to be able to come and train privately & effectively with Personal Trainer & Sports & Nutrition Specialist Coach Annie Willson who has 7 years of experience behind her name. 


Come and discover the magic behind Fit Bunz Official Functional Fitness and what we have to offer you & your goals:


🏋‍♂ Train Smarter, Not Harder: Our revolutionary functional fitness approach focuses on movements that enhance your daily life, making you more capable, resilient, and powerful in everything you do.


💪 A Personalized Path to Success: From beginner fitness levels to more advanced athletes, our Exercise specialist and personal trainer Coach Annie designs and tailor makes your fitness programs to help you reach your goals & push your limitations and shows you what you CAN ACHIEVE with professional help.


🔥Crush Your Limits: Experience workouts that torch calories, ignite your metabolism, and sculpt lean muscle & strong bodies. Say goodbye to monotony and hello to a new level of intensity that is fun and challenging.


🧠Mind and Body Harmony: Functional fitness is more than just physical – it's a transformative journey that strengthens your mental fortitude, elevates your confidence, and unleashes your true potential.


👫 Build Relationships: By joining this functional fitness gym you are forming and building a relationship with Coach Annie. A coach who believes in you, supports you, and sees within you your potential for greatness. Someone you can lean on and have as a source of motivation and inspiration.


🏠 In-House Functional Fitness Gym: Our facility is a garage that we have transformed into a beautiful, fully equipped functional fitness gym that has everything you need to achieve your goals and help you get to where you want to be. Filled with light, good energy, and a private area where you can feel comfortable coming to.


🕒 Flexibility Meets Convenience: With a huge variety of times that are available to you, Coach Annie can help you make time for your fitness and health. You can book sessions by yourself or two of you or even a group of 3-4 people. Making this convenient when it suits you even if you have a super busy schedule, Coach Annie will do her best to accommodate you.


📈 Track Your Triumphs: Watch your progress soar as you track your achievements, set new goals, and embrace the incredible transformation within. Each week we will do progress checks where we ensure that your progress and efforts are being met. This is a journey where you come and feel empowered and valued.


🎁 Special Offer: Your First 30 Minute session is for free🎁


📍Somerset West (information given upon enquiry)


📞 Call Now to Claim Your Spot on 0827712316




📸 Follow Us on Instagram: @fit_bunz_official_ for transformations, and to get to know me a little bit better.


🏆 Ready to Unlock your true potential? Your Journey Begins Here!🏆


Join our Fit Bunz Official Functional Fitness Gym today and embark on an exhilarating adventure towards a stronger, more agile, and empowered you. This is your chance to transform your fitness journey into a life-changing experience. Don't miss out – let's make greatness happen together! 💪🔥You have nothing to lose, but weight!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for Personal Training? - You can email Annie on and she will be in contact with you regarding how to start and packages available.
Where is the Personal Training Sessions based? - In Somerset West, Cape Town