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This is a PERSONALISED AND PERFECTLY CREATED online personal training & nutrition program that works on a month to month basis with coach Annie. Now this is a 1:1 coaching program which means the following⬇️

✅Your own time and pace. You can take your time, go at your own pace but you have coach Annie here waiting to cheer you on and support you as well as challenge you to show you your capabilities!

✅Personalised to your exact requirements such as dietary requests, food allergies or intolerances as well as your nutrition history.

✅Personalised to your fitness needs and requirements as well as medical and injury history if there is any.

✅Support and guidance the ENTIRE WAY!!!! This is through the app, through WhatsApp and email which means my beautiful…you are forever guided and supported through this process and it is something that I pride myself on with my online coaching clients. Knowing that they can message me and have me right at their fingertips!

✅Weekly check ins and food diary check ins so I can monitor and see where I can further personalise your nutrition program for you!!!

✅All training and nutrition can be and will be tracked on a brand new and exclusive app which Coach Annie will set up for you during this process.


1. Macros, calories and daily percentages as well as fat loss and maintenance calories are there shown for you so that you can see what you are eating and if you wish to not see this then coach Annie does not include it In your program.


2. Meal program that is made with coach Annie according to the above information which will be sent to you through EMAIL WHEN STARTING. There is also an in app meal program on the TRAINERIZE app where coach Annie will say you are welcome to use that as well but it is best to follow the program send through email on PDF.


3. Weekly Check- Ins with food diary check ins so if need be the plan can be even further personalised depending on energy/bloating/fullness/hunger, etc. This is how personalised it gets to give you exactly what your body needs during this process.


4. Exclusive Access to the self development workshops that have been created and presented by coach Annie and past clients which broadens your knowledge and insight onto how to make this process even more healing and rewarding for you.


5. This program changes every 2 WEEKS which means you are getting a new program every 2 weeks which is fantastic and shows you all the possibilities available to you.

6. Exclusive access to recipe book that is designed for YOUR GOALS which includes amazing and delicious recipes which are over 100+ and are updated every 2 weeks!


This fitness program is done through an app which Coach Annie will send you an invite to which is easy and something that will help organise your training! It is super easy to install and coach annie is here to help.


1. Suited to your fitness levels. No matter if you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced this program will be suited exactly to YOU!


2. Reps, sets, weight, rest time will all be shown which means everything you need is right there via an app.


3. Exercise videos so that you know how to perform exactly how to do each and every exercise which is going to help grow your exercise knowledge and understanding.


4. Program that Changes every 2 weeks depending on fitness levels and how you have progressed. As mentioned this program is self paced which means if we need to take it a bit slower then that’s exactly what we will do!


5. All logged and performed on the app which is downloaded onto your phone/computer where you can also add in personal bests and receive messages, habits and self care routines all right at your fingertips!


6. Exclusive access to recipe book that is designed for YOUR GOALS which includes amazing and delicious recipes which are over 100+ and are updated every 2 weeks!


✅Burn Fat and Loose Weight (depending on the goal at hand)

✅Build Muscle & Tone/Shape (depending on the goal at hand)

✅Improve Strength

✅Improve Cardiovascular Fitness

✅Learn exercise techniques and ensuring form correction is there!

✅Learn to see what your fat loss calories look like and start building a solid nutrition foundation

✅Build positive and healthy habits and really dive into seeing what you are capable of

✅Have a broader knowledge on what you want to achieve and how to get there.

✅Set yourself up with a structured routine that helps you get to your goals.


1. You are going to add this to your cart and follow the payment instructions.

2. Once paid Coach Annie will get a notification that you have sent a payment which she will then send through the information that you are required to fill out before starting.

3. You fill in these forms and send them back to coach Annie and it takes 1-4 business working days for her to get your program to you. If it is sent on a weekend then it will be business days from the next Monday. 

4. Once you have gotten your program coach Annie will guide you via WhatsApp or email on how to proceed on the next steps!!!


This is going to be one of the BEST decisions you have ever made for yourself. There are incredible women whose lives have completley changed since starting with Fit Bunz official (some pictures included below). This is YOUR time, to SHAPE YOUR BODY!! For anymore questions please click the chat button below or you can email Coach Annie on

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for Personal Training? - You can email Annie on and she will be in contact with you regarding how to start and packages available.
Where is the Personal Training Sessions based? - In Somerset West, Cape Town