Ever felt like you have just been moving in a direction and you seem to have lost some focus along the way? GUESS WHAT? It is totally normal, and I have given you some really awesome tips for you to be able to laser back your focus and get clear on your goals again! Here are 7 ways that you can do this:


  1. Look at Current Goals - What do you SPECIFICALLY want to achieve? Try and give 3 goals. Having lots of them sometimes makes room for distraction and even more overwhelm. Start small and then grow.
  2. BREAK THEM DOWN - If your goals are huge and overwhelming maybe its time to cut that in half and take a smaller goal and aim for that to make it more digestible for you.
  3. HONESTY - Are you being honest with yourself in what you want, or could it be what others want of you? There is no point in striving for something that is not your own dream. What are you going to take responsibility and accountability for?
  4. TIME MANAGEMENT - How are you using your time? Is there more time spent scrolling on social media than possibly using that time to meal prep or move forward? Why could there be some procrastination? Sometimes we end up procrastinating and then trying to quick fix everything. This is overwhelming and takes your focus off the bigger picture.
  5. REFLECT & REDIRECT - There is nothing wrong with reflecting and seeing what does not work, what excuses might be being use, or where you might be self-sabotaging yourself from achieving those goals. Where might you be holding yourself back, and where can you redirect and change behavior to align with what you want?
  6. KEEP TRACK & RECORD - Track your progress from your progress pics, check-ins, scale or measurements, energy and mental state, record and write down the weights you are using and see where you are progressing and where you can place more time and effort elsewhere. This is what progress is seeing whats working and whats not!
  7. HAVE FUN - This is important. HAVE FUN, yes you can have fun when something is challenging you because its something you know is getting you closer and closer to your goals which is pretty incredible. Learn to lean in and have fun and remember this is a beautiful journey.


These are some simple points and tips for you to start redirecting your focus and spending time reflecting. That’s what is important, being able to take a step back and know and actually say hey this isn't working for me and change direction. ITS WHAT BREEDS SUCCESS….Constantly checking in and seeing these progress changes and knowing and appreciating your body every step of the journey!


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